Testing time reduction

Time of withstand voltage test and sequence check can be shortened by easy connection of CHX connector. A jumper accessory connects all adjacent circuits at once.

Applicable to normal screw-up type terminal block

CHX type is applicable to 5.5 mm2 wire size (11 mm pitch) terminal block.

  Rating Performance Standard operating condition
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) Rated Current-Carrying Capacity (Ith) Applicable Wire Size Applicable Receptacles Applicable Terminal Block Type Insulation Resistance Power‐Frequency Withstand Voltage Ambient Temperature Storing Temperature Relative Humidity Altitude
CHX-5.5 250V 4A AWG22-14 (0.5 to 2mm2) #205 series (AMP)
170182-2 (AWG22-18), 170180-2 (AWG18-14)
TX-5.5, TX-5.5S, TXW-5.5, TQ-5.5, TQW-5.5, TJ-5.5 20MΩ or more 2,500V AC / 1 min. -25 to 50℃ -40 to 85℃ 45 to 85% 2,000m max.
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