1. The TPC terminal block provides electrical continuity with the mounting rail (TUB) simply by wiring.
    * Common grounding is ensured by connecting a ground wire to a terminal of the TPC unit or by directly grounding with the mounting rail.
  2. The TPC type can be mounted to or dismounted from the aluminum rail for each pole without removing the end clamp.
  3. The up-screw type terminals can prevent screws from dropping off and reduce the number of wiring steps.
  4. The TPC type can be mounted on the same aluminum rail (TUB) as the TU / TX type terminal block (FUJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY).
  5. The TPC type has acquired UL / TUV certification. This product can be safely used for overseas applications.
    [Conformable standards]
    UL1059(2004) File No.E82309
    EN60947-7-2 Certificate No.B 06 02 52683 004
  6. The TPC type uses components conforming to the compliance with hazardous chemical substance control "RoHS Directive".

Conformable standards:IEC60947-7-2、UL1059

Item RATING, PERFORMANCE Standard operating condition
Rated current-carrying capacity (Ith) Applicable wire size Screw size Tightening torque Ambient temperature Storing temperature Relative humidity Altitude
JIS rating UL rating EN rating
TPC-5.5-□ 30A 2.0 to 5.5mm2 18 to 10 2.0 to 5.5mm2 M4×8.5 1.2 N・m -20 to 50℃ -40 to 85℃ 45 to 85% 2,000m max.
TPC-14-□ 60A 5.5 to 14mm2 16 to 6 5.5 to 14mm2 M5×11 2.0 N・m -20 to 50℃ -40 to 85℃ 45 to 85% 2,000m max.
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