Semaphore relay
If the equipment status related to circuits is shown with lamps, e.g., on the electric power system panel, the broken wire in any lamp disables this display making it impossible to indicate the equipment status. Since the semaphore relay uses no lamp, the open/closed status of the equipment is always displayed accurately. The semaphore relay allows for visually checking whether the circuit is connected or not. This assures error-free recognition. The disconnecting switch and circuit-breaker, which show their statuses with the circular and rectangular shapes, are simple and contribute to the improvement of the panel design.

SPR-3,4 SPL-3,4
Rated insulation voltage
250V AC/DC
Rated operating voltage 24V, 48V, 100/110V, 125V, 200/220V DC
Operating range 80 to 125%
Coil rating Continuous excitation method
Insulation resistance Insulating-resistance tester
(1,000V DC) Min. 1,000MΩ
Withstand votage 2,500V AC/1 min.
Impulse wave withstand voltage ±7,000V/3 times for each pole
(1.2/50 us)
Impact resistance. Min. 50G
Service life 100 thousand times min.
Location of use Indoor
Protective structure Closed type
Applicable panel thickness 1 to 6mm
Terminal connection Faston #205 or M3 screw
Working voltage Coil resistor Current Power consumption
24V DC
37mA 0.9W
48V DC 2,150Ω 23mA 1.1W
100V DC 7,000Ω 16mA 1.6W
125V DC 7,500Ω 17mA 2.1W
200V DC 32,000Ω 6.9mA 1.4W
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