Applicable standards

JIS C8151 Indicators for Industrial Use, JIS C4521 Button Switches for Control Use, JIS C4520 General Rules for Control Switches, and JEM1248 Indicators

Small and light-weight

This is an illuminated type compact pushbutton switch with an LED indicator. It has become much lighter than a transformer or resistor type switch with a incandescent lamp.

The lamp can be directly illuminated with power source of 110 / 220 V

Free of mislighting

Mislighting is prevented by inductive voltage.

Easy wiring work

The Faston connection method is used to enable rapid wiring work.

Energy and maintenance work saving

LEDs are used for energy saving and maintenance saving.

Cable release

The model with a cable release B50 is useful for resetting the thermal relay in the control center or the like.

Type M22N TYPE
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 250V
Rated oparating voltage (Ith) 24V, 110V, 125V, 220V AC/DC
Rated current-carrying capacity (Ith) 18mA
Rated withstand voltage 2,500V AC/1 min.
Lightning impulse Between live parts (L-L) ±3kV/3 times for each pole (1.2/50μs)
Live part to assembly mounting panel (L-A) ±7kV/3 times for each pole (1.2/50μs)
Operating temperature -20 to 40℃
Storing temperature -30 to 85℃
Heat resistance Allowed to stand at 75°C for 24 hours
Recognizable distance Illuminance on mounting panel at distance of 10m: 1,000Lx
Panel thickness 2 to 4mm
Shock resistance 500 m/s2(6 directions)
Terminal connection Faston terminal #187
series: 0.5 to 2.27 mm2


Contact 250V AC 15A (resistance load)
250V AC 10A (inductive load)
Contact pushing load 3.9N
Electrical life 100,000 operations or more
Mechanical life 10,000,000 operations or more
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more
(500V DC insulation testing set)
Withstand voltage 1,000V AC/1 min.
(Between discontinuous terminals)
2,000V AC/1 min.
(Between terminal and ground)
Wiring terminal
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