Simplified calibration and testing procedures

Our test terminals allow you to perform calibration and testing procedures with instrument and relays connected in place, resulting in great labor saving.

Broad range of applications

Our test terminals are available in a broad range of types including the stud type and insertion type to meet your current capacity requirements ranging from 5 to 30A and your applications.

Safety structure

Our test terminals for CT circuits are designed to prevent the circuit open. Both of the insertion type test terminals for PT and CT circuits assure safety with their structure that prevents wrong insertion.

High insulation and anti-inflammability

For the housing material, high-performance engineering plastics is used to provide high insulation, antiinflammability, and impact resistance.

Special spec for tropical region

To ensure high durability in harsh use under tropical regions, special protective treatment is applied to some products, which are available in the same ratings, performance, and dimensions as those of the standard products.

  Rated insulation voltage (Ui) Rated current-carrying capacity (Ith) Max. wire size Withstand voltage Lightning impulse Operating temperature Insulation resistance Overload capability
B-TYPE 250V 10A * 8mm2 1 minute at 2,500V AC ±7kV1.2/50μs -5 to 40℃ Insulation-resistance meter (1,000V DC) 1,000MΩ 1 sec. at 200A AC
K-TYPE 500V 10A 5.5mm2 1 minute at 2,500V AC ±7kV1.2/50μs -5 to 40℃ Insulation-resistance meter (1,000V DC) 1,000MΩ 1 sec. at 200A AC
A-TYPE 250V 5A 2mm2 1 minute at 2,000V AC ±3kV/1.2/50μs -5 to 40℃ nsulation-resistance meter (500V DC) 1,000MΩ 1 sec. at 200A AC

* Operating current-carrying capacity as general termial use: 30A

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