Privacy policy

Basic policy

FUJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. may collect your information to contact or send materials to you for service purpose on the web site. In the case when we receive the private information, we'll make efforts to manage the web site for the customers to use safely according to the following statements.
The content of the privacy policy might be changed on this site without prior notice.

1.What is private information?

The information means that we can identify the individual such as the name, the address, the telephone number, and the E-mail address, etc. received from the visitors on this site or peculiar of the person.

2.Acquisition of private information

When we ask for the offer of private information on this site, we'll specify the purpose of use beforehand.
Received private information is used within the range of the purpose of use, and not used for the purpose not specified without your consent.

The automatic collection

The statistical data of Cookie, Internet Protocol address, and a browser, etc. might be collected, and recorded on this site.
These are done in the stated range of objectives for collected information in the privacy policy, and it does not deviate from the range of purpose.
This information is not used to identify the individual, but used as statistical data.

3.Measures to protect your private information

We take the measures to prevent unlawful computer access, the loss, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc. on the Web site. When the problem occurs per chance, prompt correction measures are executed.
When the purpose of private information gathering ends, the collected information is surely deleted and removed.

4.Offer your private information to the third party

Apart from the following exceptions, this site never discloses your private information to the third party.

  • When we have received your approval beforehand.
  • When we consign the handling of private information within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use specified for the customer for the cooperating enterprise, and the business contracted company that has concluded the secret maintenance contract concerning private information with us.
    For example, when we consign sending out the product to the carrier, or contact to credit card companies at the price payment
  • When processing it as statistical data in a state whereby the individual cannot be identified
  • When it should be offered according to the order based on the law etc.

5.Regarding notify publication, the correction, and the deletion of private information

Please inquire the following and contact us when the inquiry, the correction, and the deletion, etc. of the content of private information is requested. We will correspond appropriately in a reasonable period after the individual identification.

Please contact Group of administration of FUJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. if you have any queries.