Multicontacts, Space - Saving(Length)

Contact quantity in 1 unit is 4, which is twice more than existing models. Switch length can be substantially downsized.

Max. 15 units, 60 contacts

3 to 15 unit assembly is available for multicontact demand.

High anti-flammability, grease resistance

High anti-flammability and grease resistant PBT plastic is adopted for body units.

Wide variation of contact arrangement

Wide variety of contact arrangement is available by combination of more than 50 cam.
No existing type cam also can be developed as customer's demand.

High reliability by greaseless design

Greaseless design inside a unit enhances reliability over long period use.

Rated insulation voltage 600V

Rated insulation voltage is enhanced to 600V from 250V of existing models.

  Rating Performance Normal service condition
Rated isolation voltage (Ui) Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) Rated current-carrying capacity( lth) Max. applicable wire size Screw size Power frequency withstand voltage Insulation resistance Mechanical life Electrical life Shock resistance Vibration resistance Operating temperature Relative humidity Altitude
GQ 600V ±6kV (1.2 / 50μs) 20A (silver contact) 5.5mm2 M4×9 2,500V AC / 1min. 50mΩ max. (default) 50,000 times
(switching frequency: 1,200 times / h, angular speed: 2π rad / s)
50,000 times
(AC-15, switching frequency: 360 times / h, angular speed: 2π rad / s)
20,000 times
(AC-13, switching frequency: 360 times / h, angular speed: 2π rad / s)
500m/s2 Frequency: 100Hz
Amplitude: 0.05mm
Time: 1 hour each 3 axial directions
-20 to 60℃ 45 to 85% 2,000m max.
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