Monitoring voltages of 3-phase 4 wires with a single unit

The PTS type for monitoring 3-phase 4 wires is newly available in addition to the conventional FVS type that monitors only one phase. The PTS type under-voltage relay monitors all 3-phase voltages to verify that voltages on all phases are lower than a reference voltage. The PTS type incorporates 1a1b output contacts.

Operation status LED

With the operation monitor LED, you can easily check control power ON/OFF status and monitor voltage.

Digital switch

The digital switch simplifies the reference voltage setting procedure.

Voltage indication label (standard accessory)

Labels that indicate reference voltage settings are included in the product.
If you attach a label after setting a voltage,
you can easily confirm the reference voltage.

Control voltage is input from monitor power supply. No additional control power supply is required.

Since control voltage is input from the monitor power supply, the relay unit does not need an additional control power supply.
* The internal relay turns OFF when input voltage falls below 38V regardless of the reference voltage setting.

High-performance engineering plastic is used for the storing case.

To enhance flame-retardance, high-performance engineering plastic is used for the storing case.
(UL94, V-1)

Item Specification
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 250V
Monitor/control input voltage Each phase: 40 to 110V AC
Max. input value 130V (continuous), 250V (instantaneous)
Input impedance 4kΩ or more (when output relay is exited)
Reference voltage 40, 50, 60, 70, 80V AC (5 settings)
Insulation resistance L-A 10MΩ or more (500V DC Megger tester) *1
L-L 10MΩ or more (500V DC Megger tester) *2
Power-frequency withstand voltage L-A 2,000V AC for 1 min. *1
L-L 2,000V AC for 1 min. *2
Impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) L-A ±7kV/3 times for each pole *1
L-L① ±4.5kV/3 times for each pole *2
L-L② ±3kV/3 times for each pole
(between monitor/control input terminals)
Noise resistance Electric wave noise 150MHz band (5W), 400MHz band (5W)
900MHz band (cellular phone)
Static noise Contact discharge: 8kV
Air discharge: 15kV
Vibration resistance Frequency: 16.7Hz
Double amplitude: 0.4mm
Direction: Forward/backward, right/left, up/down
Vibration time: 10min
Shock resistance Shock value: 294m/s2
Number of shocks: 3 times each (forward, backward, right, left, up, down)
Ambient temperature Performance warranty 0 to 40℃
Operation warranty -10 to 55℃ (Allowable for several hours per day)
Recovery warranty -20 to 60℃
Relative humidity 30 to 90%(daily average)
Altitude 2,000m max.
Power consumption Approx. 3.5W
(Control power supply: Maximum rating, When output relay is excited)
Weight Approx. 220g

*1 Between monitor/control input and output contact terminals and mounting rail
*2 Between monitor/control input terminals and output contact terminals, and between individual output contact terminals

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