Conformity with major standards

STT type conforms to IEC60497-3 and applies to UL414.

Open-Circuit prevention

Internal circuit of A and AS units (for Current Circuit) is double, which certainly prevents Open-Circuit during inserting a plug.

Efficient wiring work by Up-Screw Terminal

Up-Screw terminal makes wiring work more efficiently.

Wire dropping-off prevention

The rib on the terminal portion leads a ring tongue to proper position. This structure prevents improperconnection of the screw and ring tongue.

Easy voltage test by general clips

Voltage circuit testing can be easily conducted by general clips like an alligator clip as well as dedicated plugs.

High contact reliability by 4-point contact

The multi point contact structure of clips enhances contact reliability.

Standard: IEC60497-3, UL414

  STT type
Rating Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 690V
250V (AS unit, close condition)
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp) ±6kV
±2.5kV (AS unit, close condition)
Conventional Free Air Thermal Current (Ith) 30A
Rated Making and Breaking Capacity 250V AC (COSφ=0.95) 0.15A AC
250V DC (L/R=1ms) 0.15A DC
Rated Short-Time Withstand Current (Icw) 360A AC (COSφ=1) - 1sec
Rated Short-Circuit Making Capacity (Icm) 250V AC 50A - 50msec (COSφ=1)
Rated Operational Voltage (Ue) 250V
Rated Operational Current (Ie) 0.1A
Utilization Category AC-21B, DC-21B
Rated Connecting Capacity 0.75-5.5mm2 (AWG18-10)
Screw size M4X9
Clamping Torque 1.2N・m (Terminal),
0.8N・m (Plug)
Standard operating condition Ambient Air Temperature Performance Guarantee -5 to 40℃
Usable -25 to 70℃
Storing temperature -40 to 85℃(Not freeze)
Humidity 45 to 85%
Altitude 2,000m max.
Pollution degree Degree 3
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