Message from the President

Change the Status Quo, Create the Future

Since our founding in 1953 as an electrical control device manufacturer, FUJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY has played a major role in the development of the social infrastructure, including power and transportation.

In recent years, the heavy electrical machinery market, our main business environment, is changing drastically and rapidly because the development of "Nation-Wide Power Transmission Networks" is in progress for constructing next-generation power network centered on digitalization of system, utilizing renewable energy, and strengthening power grid resilience.

It is essential for us to promote selection and concentration for reform and new challenge in order to deal with the change of needs, labor shortage by declining working population, and decrease of profit ratio due to rising costs.

Under these circumstances, for sales expansion, we will engage in "Strengthen electrical equipment manufacturing and sales" and also "Challenge to new business" by producing equipment, making mold, and processing parts.

We have formulated a new management plan initiative with a target of 5 billion yen in sales in the 75th fiscal year as "New STEP50". We place particular emphasis on "Strengthening our sales expansion", "Creating a rewarding company", and "Promoting efforts toward sustainable". With "High quality is the best selling point of all" as our permanent slogan, we will engage in "Change the Status Quo, Create the Future" for stabilizing our management foundation and achieving further growth in order to contribute to society and bring profit and happiness to all stakeholders including employees.

President Yagi Satoshi